Newham Teachers’ Association

Newham Teachers’ Association is a division of the National Union of Teachers and represents members in Newham.

Newham Teachers’ Association
NTA Office (Newham NUT)
Direct House (Bridge Road Depot)
Abbey Road
E15 3LX

Our office is in an area with security control points. Visitors must phone the NTA Secretary or Assistant Secretary before coming so that access can be arranged.

Telephone: 07956 914778 (Peter Smith) & 07552 216446 (Iain Hale)

What we do

We will give you our support whenever you face difficulties in your employment.

The association is here to listen to your views and raise issues with your employers. We campaign on a range of issues which you have told us are a matter of concern. Newham Teachers’ Association stands up for your interests.


The NTA President, Peg Probett, deals with requests for items to be added to the agenda of regular meetings: – General Meetings, NUT Representatives’ Meetings, Officers’ Meetings, Committee Meetings.

Contact her by email at:


The NTA Secretary, Peter Smith, deals with campaigning issues. He can be contacted at the office address above.

Email: petersmithTelephone: 07956 914778


The NTA Assistant Secretary deals with requests from members for help with employment related issues.


Telephone: 07552 216446