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NUT News Sheets

March 2016 “Saving Our Sixth Form Colleges”
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February 2016 “Cancel the tests”
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October 2015 “Sixth Form Colleges – invest, don’t cut”
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July 2015 (b) “Working together to win on pay”
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July 2015 (a) “DEMOCRACY MATTERS: the Bill the Government hopes you won’t read”
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May (b) 2015 “Protect education funding”
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May (a) 2015 “No, No, No to triple marking”
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March 2015  “NUT pressure – winning concessions”
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NUT Executive News

No. 216, 23 March 2016
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No. 215, 01 March 2016
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No. 214, 02 February 2016
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No. 213, 14 December 2015
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No. 212, 09 November 2015
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No. 211, 12 October 2015
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No. 210, 20 July 2015
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No. 209, 22 June 2015
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No. 208, 22 May 2015
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No. 207, 31 March 2015
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No. 206, 06 March 2015
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No. 205, 02 February 2015
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NUT Representatives’ Bulletin

We have received no NUT Reps Bulletin since October 2015. (Checked 28/03/2016)

NUT Representatives’ Bulletin October 2015
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NUT Representatives’ Bulletin September 2015
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NUT Representatives’ Bulletin June 2015
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NUT Representatives’ Bulletin January 2015
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NUT Circulars

Circulars and e-bulletins are generally destined for Division and Local Associations Secretaries. They are provided here for reference. Some links in documents may not be available unless you have access to NUT Hearth and are logged in.

30 March 2016
Regional Officer – London Regional Office: R802
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16-010E .docx
e-Bulletin 16/010E – 18 March 2016
a) Stand Up For Education Campaign:Education White Paper – All Schools to become Academies, says Government; Keep up the Pressure to Cancel the Tests; Local Association Newsletter Template’
b) NUT Annual Conference
c) Advice And Guidance: National Funding Formula; State Pension Age Increase for Women.
d) Equality Resources And Events: Bridging the Diversity Gap: Are Political Parties Doing Enough to Encourage BME Political Participation? – 22 March, Portcullis House Westminster: 6.30pm-8.30pm
e) Action Matters: King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls/Birmingham (Unacceptable Management Practices).
f) International: ADVANCE NOTICE: Delegation to Cuba – 22-29 October 2016; ADVANCE NOTICE: Delegation to Palestine – 22-28 October 2016; Good News Story – G4S Bows to Campaigning Pressure.
g) Dates For Your Diary: National Education Conference: Stoke Rochford – 2-3 July 2016; Supply Teacher Officers Training – 22-24 April 2016
h) In The News: Legal challenge against sixth form colleges strike reported; NUT commented on Sir Michael Wilshaw’s concerns re multi-academy trust performance (Guardian), pay deregulation (Schools Week) and threats facing non-EU workers resident in the UK (Guardian).
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17 March 2016
Executive Elections: 2016-2018
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e-Bulletin 16/009E – 11 March 2016
a) Stand Up For Education Campaign: Sixth Form College dispute; Keep up the pressure to cancel the tests; Don’t Buy Baseline;
b) Noticeboard: Suggested Div Sec Actions From The DSB
c) Equality Resources & Events: LGBT+ Conference and Disabled Teachers Conference 16/06/2016;
d) Action Matters: Hornsey School for Girls/Haringey (Redundancies); St Mary’s Catholic High School/Croydon; High Storrs School/Sheffield; The John Fisher School/Sutton (Escalation).
e) International: Petition to end “honour killings” in Pakistan; Demand the immediate release of academic and unionist Dr Miguel Ángel Beltrán.;
f) Dates For Your Diary: Supply Teacher Officers training Friday 22 – Sunday 24 April.
g) In The News: ASCL union and Policy Exchange essays; The SFCA criticised our decision to strike on 15 March; The NUT survey of young teachers focused on housing; Changes to the National Funding Formula announced; Nicky Morgan criticised for overseeing a Government department with a gender pay gap; The Advertising Standards Authority upheld the DfE’s controversial advert which claimed that ‘great teachers’ expect to earn £65,000; DfE issued ‘clarifications’ re primary assessment.; NUT funded a special Guardian Education report on deaf children in Kenya.
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e-Bulletin 16/008E – 4 March 2016
a) Noticeboard: Sixth Form College Ballot – Action on Tuesday, 15 March 2016; Privatisation Update
b) Advice And Guidance: Health and Safety Advisers’ Bulletin; National Insurance Contributions April 2016;
c) Action Matters:Small Heath Secondary School/Birmingham; High Storrs School/Sheffield; The John Fisher SchoolSutton, escalation.
d) International: TTIP -vs- Tax justice; Sign the Postcard from Palestine; Iran: Release Teacher Union Leader Esmail Abdi;
e) Dates For Your Diary; 2016 NUT Supply Teacher Conference 25/06/2016; ‘Beyond the Exam Factory?’ – National Education Conference – 2-3 July 2016:
Stoke Rochford Hall;
f) In The News:Sir Michael Wilshaw’s speech on attracting and retaining; Highlighting the school place crisis; Regional Schools Commissioners’ budgets ‘going through the roof’; The 6th form ballot results and the announcement of the strike.
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3 March 2016
Election Of General Secretary 2016-2019
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e-Bulletin 16/007E – 26 February 2016
a) Stand Up For Education Campaign: Campaign against Baseline Assessment
b) Stop Press – Government may abandon Baseline Assessment. Details next week.
c) Noticeboard: Sixth Form College Ballot; New website launched; NQT Recruitment Materials 2016; Stop Trident Rally
d) Advice And Guiadance: Pension Increase 2016; DfE Teacher Workload Survey 2016; NUT Health and Safety Online Forum
e) Action Matters: Small Heath Secondary School/Birmingham; High Storrs School/SheffieldTuesday
f) International: Moving Freely, Nablus, film; Education International’s Worlds of Education Magazine; Good news: Djibouti: teacher unionist released from prison after global support
g) Dates For Your Diary, Saturday 19 March 2016, Stand Up to Racism, National Demonstration: Refugees Welcome, London; Casework Training at Stoke Rochford Part 1: Thursday 10 – Friday 11 March 2016, Part 2: Thursday 30 June – Friday 1 July 2016; Spring Term Division Secretaries’ One Day Briefing – 9 March 2016
h) In The News: timetable and requirements for Key Stage 1 and 2; seeking new head of Ofsted from abroad; Researchers in Schools programme being offered 20% PPA time; Sir Michael Wilshaw speech – “Northern Powerhouse” would not come to fruition so long as ‘underperformance’ continued in Liverpool and Manchester schools; Sir David Carter, the ‘schools tsar’, will identify the 100 weakest academies.
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24 February 2016
Annual Conference 2016 – Brighton, Payment Of Conference Representatives’ Travel Expenses
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e-Bulletin 16/006E – 12 February 2016
a) Launch Of NUT/ATL Research On Baseline Assessment
Noticeboard: New website launch; Live launch; After launch; New website registration reminder ; Accessing registration ; School Teachers’ Review Body; Reclaiming Schools
b) Annual Conference 2016
c) Advice & Guidance: Informing your Regional Office of Recognition, Facility Time & De-delegation decisions
d) International: Protest against attacks and brutality in the South East of Turkey; JFC appointed to advise FARC members during peace negotiations; Call for Applications: NUT Delegation to Cuba 22-29 October 2016
e) Dates For Your Diary: Spring Term Division Secretaries’ One Day Briefing – 9 March 2016; 2016 Summer Term Division Secretaries’ One Day Briefings – Save the appropriate date
f) In The News
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e-Bulletin 16/005E – 5 February 2016
a) Noticeboard: Urgent: Don’t forget to register for the new website; Sixth Form Colleges – Formal Ballot for National Strike Action; Reminder: Heartunions – Week of Action; Executive Elections – Nominations; DfE Survey for Head Teachers on Asbestos Management in Schools
b) Advice & Guidance: Indexation of TPS Career Average Pensions April 2016
c) Action Matters
d) International: Expose the Gates Foundation
e) Dates For Your Diary: Unite Against Fascism National Conference 2016; Casework Training @ Stoke Rochford
f) In The News
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Elections for Executive Members – 2016-2018
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e-Bulletin 16/004E – 29 January 2016
a) Message from Christine Blower
b) Stand Up For Education: Sixth form colleges – formal ballot for national strike action; Campaign against the Trade Union Bill – week of action; Trade Union Bill Motion in Southampton Council
c) Noticeboard: Small Heath School, Birmingham – Suspension of NUT Representative, Simon O’Hara; NUT twitter campaigns; Login and registration for the new NUT website ; Accessing registration ; Local websites links to NUT website; Baseline assessment research report launch; Chicago: The Great Teachers’ Strike
d) Action Matters
e) International: Deadline Extended – 2016 Steve Sinnott International Solidarity Award; Expose the Gates Foundation; Djibouti: Teacher trade unionist and human rights defender sentenced to prison
f) Dates For Your Diary: Spring Term Division Secretaries’ One Day Briefing – Wednesday 9 March 2016; Summer Term Division Secretaries’ One Day Briefings – Save the appropriate date; ‘Beyond the Exam Factory’, NUT National Education Conference
g) In The News
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NUT Login and registration for new NUT website
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2 February 2016
Arrangements For Annual Conference 2016
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e-Bulletin 16/003E – 22 January 2016
a) Stand Up For Education: Sixth Form Colleges; Spring Rally on the Trade Union Bill: Thursday, 11 February, NUT HQ, London; School Funding Termly Update: Spring 2016
b) Noticeboard: Login and Registration for the New NUT Website; Officer Reporting Tool; Equality Calendar – 2016; Save the Date – March for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education; Music Education Expo; Small Heath School, Birmingham – Suspension of NUT Representative & Local Action
c) Advice & Guidance: Pay Progression Data
d) Action Matters
e) International: Local Democracy Under Threat
f) In The News
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e-Bulletin 16/002E – 15 January 2016
a) NUT Adviceline
b) Stand Up For Education: Indicative Ballot in Sixth Form Colleges; Campaign against the Trade Union Bill – week of action; Survey on Ofsted inspection
c) Annual Conference 2016: Priority Voting; CBC Nominations; Conference App
d) Noticeboard: Executive Elections; Small Heath School, Birmingham – suspension of NUT Representative & local action; National Voter Registration Drive (NVRD): 1-5 February 2016; Privatisation Update; Pensions Termly Update: Spring 2016; Co-operative Bank
e) Advice & Guidance: Teachers in Residential Establishments
f) International: Act Now! Modern Laws to End Modern Slavery
g) Dates For Your Diary: Young Teachers’ Conference 2016; Supporting Access to Learning Worldwide: Saturday 23 January 2016 – NUT HQ
h) In The News
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14 January 2016
Elections for Executive Members – 2016-2018
Electoral Districts, Black Member, Disabled Member and LGBT Constituency Seats
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e-Bulletin 16/001E – 8 January 2016
a) Indicative Ballot in Sixth Form Colleges
b) Noticeboard: National Voter Registration Drive (NVRD): 1-5 February 2016; Cost of academies being rebrokered; WOW petition
c) Advice & Guidance: Flooding Advice
d) Action Matters
e) Dates for your Diary: TUCG Kill The Bill Rally – 11 January 2016
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4 January 2016
Annual Conference 2016
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