One Housing group rent increases will force teachers out.

“One Housing has recently told keyworkers in Newham that they will face a 40% increase in their rents. This was not negotiated or consulted. Many now face the prospect of moving home. This includes teachers, teaching assistants, NHS staff and social workers who provide key services to their community. Some residents have families with young children. Stop One Housing from imposing these unfair contracts! Sign our petition today!

“Information on One Housing Group from their  2016 annual report:
• Pre-tax ‘surplus’ last year £54.4 million.
• OHG now has 22 subsidiaries, including ‘Citystyle Living’ which operates as a provider of private rented housing.
• Last year it made a 40% profit on its sale of market homes.
• The group has total assets of £1.78 billion.
• Its Chief Executive was paid £242,804.
• Ten of its senior staff are paid in excess of £100,000.
• It paid its ‘voluntary’ Board members £100,000.”

Text above from an officer of London Teachers’ Housing Campaign, & One Housing Tenants Network.

Teachers priced out of house market
Teachers priced out of house market as property prices soar to 11 times earnings.