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The NTA has Officers who represent different active groups. Some represent a group by virtue of their NTA Officer Position. Others represent a group as a result of specific personal interest, in addition to their official Officer role. All Officers are elected annually.

Groups represented include:

Agency Teachers, Iain Hale (NTA Assistant Secretary)

Black & Minority Ethnic,  Sonia Ali  (NTA Equal Opportunities Officer)

International,  Miriam Scharf  (NTA International Officer)

Irish Teachers,  Peter Smith (NTA Secretary)

LGBT,  Jake Jones  (NTA LGBT Officer)

Overseas Trained Teachers, Iain Hale (NTA Assistant Secretary)

Retired Teachers,  Peg Probett  (NTA Vice-President)

Women Teachers, Amy Sharp  (NTA President)

Young Teachers, Tasneem Khonat  (NTA Young Teachers Officer)

If you would like further groups to be represented please contact the NTA President:

If you are interested in contributing to existing groups please contact the NTA President.