Petition against the proposal to force all schools to become academies

Word PetitionThere is a petition on the proposal to force all schools to become academies. Can you please sign it but more importantly forward the link to as many of your colleagues and friends so they can sign.

A second petition, also promoted by the NUT, is at
(Posted 17/03/2016. Updated 24/03/2016)

The Fight Against Forced Academies

We must prepare for a fight against forced academies.

The Chancellor stated all schools must become academies

The Secretary of State for Education hopes to stop parents being on governing bodies.

This is clearly politically led to ease the privatisation of our schools. It has nothing to do with improving the life chances of the pupils in our schools.

If your school does not have a NUT Representative please elect one as quickly as possible.

Special thanks to all those who attended the march and demonstration against forced academies yesterday. This is the start of the campaign.

Demo Against Forced Academies 23/03/2016

Last night’s march was very well supported, a great turnout at short notice. Thanks to all members who came. Contingents from Forest Gate, Lister, Cumberland and NewVIc were with the NTA banner, organised by Miriam.

Last night was the start of a long running battle. We need to work with parents, governors and any other group to defend local schools accountable to the local community.

Emergency Demonstration 23/03/2016 – Hands Off Our Schools – No Forced Academies

The NTA is proud to support this demonstration and calls on all members to join our banner on the march.

Urgent message from Martin Powell-Davies, Regional Secretary, London NUT

Dear Colleagues
You will not need me to explain the significance of the Government’s announcement that all schools are to be forced to become academies. The proposal has already provoked an angry response and a number of London NUT Associations have immediately initiated an emergency demonstration next week which we are fully supporting from the London NUT Region.

Emergency Demonstration – Hands Off Our Schools – No Forced Academies

Schools need more:
NOT ideology

Assemble: March 23rd, 5pm, Westminster Cathedral, Victoria Street SW1P 1QW

March to Department for Education

For a flyer to share on social media, upload via:

Please come to the demonstration and bring your colleagues and friends

Martin Powell-Davies
Regional Secretary, London NUT
NUT London Regional Office
90 Point Pleasant, London SW18 1PP
Office: 020 8477 1234
Office email:
Twitter: @NUTLondonOffice