London Recruits – This film needs you!

Urgent appeal for Kickstarter funding for the film!

Deadline 23rd December 2015.

The Union nationally is supporting the production of this film.

London Recruits tells the story of the young women and men, including NUT members, who undertook undercover missions for the ANC. With your help their inspirational story of solidarity and high adventure is coming to the big screen for the first time.

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Refugee Week Poetry Competition: Book Published


I visited the NUT Newham office where the Division Secretary gave me copies of two booklets that were produced as part of a competition the Division had run in previous years to mark Refugee Week.

I read the poems on the tube later that evening and was astounded by the quality of the poetry and the feelings that were portrayed by the children. I grew up in Belfast during the troubles and could relate to the fear and insecurity that is described.

I congratulate the Division, Newham Schools, the children and their teachers on such a wonderful initiative that allows the voices of the young to be heard so powerfully through the forum of poetry.

Pauline Buchanan NUT London Regional Officer