Aston-Mansfield & LGBT support

Newham Teachers’ Association has responded to the appeal by Aston-Mansfield to raise funds for the LGBT youth group, Paris, the only support group for LGBT young people in Newham. A donation has been made and a Committee member has volunteered to help with support.  If you wish to donate, the website for the appeal is:

The details for donations are on their website, as are contact details for those wishing to volunteer.


NUT Benefits – Reminder

Your NTA Secretary, Peter Smith, would like to remind members of some benefits automatically available through NUT membership.

NUT Benefits & Services

All NUT members are covered by group insurance and support services including insurance cover for:

personal accidents


personal property (inc spectacles)

malicious damage to motor vehicles in school or college premises

Drive to increase participation of members

Newham Teachers’ Association is running a drive to increase the participation level of members in the programme of activites.  A working party has been set up to study this.

A meeting on Tuesday 21st April 2015 from 17h00 to 18h30 at East Ham Town Hall will be asking for ideas.  This meeting is open to all members.

Meanwhile please contact the NTA President, Peg Probett, with any ideas.

President's email address

Please keep your membership details up to date

Members are reminded that to ensure that the NUT has up-to-date information for their home address.

The NTA uses the address list provided by the NUT when members are sent information by post.  Without the correct address we cannot send you newsletters.

Please note that if the NUT or Newham Teachers Association sends out ballot papers you will lose your opportunity to vote if the NUT does not have your current address.