General Meeting


Important General Meeting

General Meeting sign.
General Meeting

Tuesday 9th May 2017 4.30pm to 6.00pm

Lister Room – East Ham Town Hall

Please make sure your school is represented.



Andrew Baisley, NUT, author of website
Andrew Baisley, NUT


Speaker: Andrew Baisley from NUT headquarters – Author School Cuts Website.




Message from Secretary, Newham Teachers’ Association:

“I cannot over emphasise the importance of this meeting as schools are faced vicious cuts to their budgets and on top of that the potential of their budgets being frozen for many years.
These cuts are the worst I have ever known in my role as your Divisional Secretary since 1992.

The agenda paper for the General Meeting is available for download. Please draw it to the attention of your members and place it on your NUT Notice Board. If you do not know the impact of the proposed new funding formula on your school simply put your school’s postcode into the website page as soon as you go to If you do know the impact on your school’s budget then you will understand the importance of the meeting.”


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Motions for meeting
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One Housing Group rent increases will force teachers out.

“One Housing has recently told keyworkers in Newham that they will face a 40% increase in their rents. This was not negotiated or consulted. Many now face the prospect of moving home. This includes teachers, teaching assistants, NHS staff and social workers who provide key services to their community. Some residents have families with young children. Stop One Housing from imposing these unfair contracts! Sign our petition today!

Newham Teachers’ Association has donated towards the campaign and urges you to obtain signatures for the petition.

Please post the signed petition to:
Housing Campaign
c/o The President
Newham Teachers’ Association
NTA Office (Newham NUT)
Direct House (Bridge Road Depot)
Abbey Road
E15 3LX

Or email to

Text above from an officer of London Teachers’ Housing Campaign, & One Housing Tenants Network.