Booming salaries for academy managers

From the NEU Noticeboard:

Booming salaries for academy managers but are they responsible for a school’s “success”?

What is the justification for the stunningly high salaries and pay rises enjoyed by many academy CEOs and managers?

Warwick Mansell’s latest blog picks out some of the highlights from recently filed academy accounts and explores the implications of introducing private sector pay practices into state schools. What sort of perverse incentives could these practices introduce if based on school “performance” and are they justifiable or even sustainable given the funding pressures on schools?

Action to oppose academisation

There are coordinated strikes across Newham today, 22 February, to oppose academisation, plus a lobby of the council on 26 February.

Opposition to outsourcing and privatisation is growing —workers have the power to win.

At Avenue school, strikers held a two-day strike recently, an escalation from previous one-day strikes.

Cumberland School NEU members also held a strike recently.

NEU members are balloting for strikes at Shaftesbury School and Keir Hardie schools in the borough.

Second strike day at Cumberland

On the second strike day at Cumberland there was a great turnout in the freezing cold. The school was only open to Year 11. In light of the continuing news of failing outsourcing, privatisation and academies the strikers felt stronger than ever that they were doing the right thing fighting to keep Cumberland with the local authority.

Strikers oppose academisation of Cumberland School.
Strikers oppose academisation of Cumberland School.

Meeting 12/10/2017: Opposing Academisation

Opposing Academisation – meeting for parents/teachers from 3 schools under imminent threat: Hallsville, Scott Wilkie and Keir Hardie.

Over 50 adults, and a lot of kids, attended the meeting this evening (12/10/2017) at St. Luke’s Community Hall E16. There were teachers from 2 of the schools, staff from all 3 schools and many parents from all 3 schools, chiefly Hallsville. Also, Cllr Rokshana Fayaz whose constituency covers Keir Hardie and Scott Wilkie schools, and who has written opposing academisation.

Report from meeting
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Meeting 05/10/2017: Stop Newham Schools Becoming Academies

Last reminder.

Hoping that all members, as well as officers and committee will support this meeting by attending and encouraging others to attend.

Thursday 5th October 5-6.30pm St John’s Church Stratford E15 1NG.

The aim is to share ideas and experiences and give confidence to parents, teachers, governors and other members of the community in the campaign to stop Newham schools becoming academies.

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