Booming salaries for academy managers

From the NEU Noticeboard:

Booming salaries for academy managers but are they responsible for a school’s “success”?

What is the justification for the stunningly high salaries and pay rises enjoyed by many academy CEOs and managers?

Warwick Mansell’s latest blog picks out some of the highlights from recently filed academy accounts and explores the implications of introducing private sector pay practices into state schools. What sort of perverse incentives could these practices introduce if based on school “performance” and are they justifiable or even sustainable given the funding pressures on schools?

Reminder: Newham Save Our NHS AGM 19/02/2018

Yet again the future if the NHS is under threat. Newham’s local campaign needs your thoughts and ideas for shaping our campaigning.

Come along and here a full update from Dr Jackie Applebee a local GP and well known NHS activist.

Monday 19th February 2018
7pm to 8.45pm
St John’s Church, Stratford

Please try and spare the time to support our NHS and our local campaign

With regards
Dr Ron Singer

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Anti-fascist Demo 12noon 4th November Bromley North Train Station

Message received from Bromley Trades Council via TUC:

Anti-fascist Demo 12noon 4th November Bromley North Train Station

The fascist splinter group, Britain First are aiming to march in Bromley, on Saturday 4 November. This is due to the notorious leaders of this group having to sign on at Bromley police station every week. The two who have to sign on, face charges resulting from their history of Islamophobic and racist provocations.

Britain First split from the British National Party (BNP), however their fascist politics are clear. Unfortunately the far right internationally are growing, in Britain they try to emulate the likes of Le Pen and Golden Dawn.

Local people do not wish these fascists to march in Bromley. including Bromley Momentum, Bromley Trades Council, Bromley & Chislehurst CLP and UAF along with other groups are asking people who oppose the odious, hate filled ideas of these Nazis’s and to come out and join us to oppose them and there views on Saturday the 4th of November, 12 noon at Bromley North train station.

Justice Now! Make it right for Palestine 04/11/2017

Assemble 12noon at Speaker’s Corner, Marble Arch in London

For the past 100 years Palestinian rights have been disregarded. As we approach the centenary of the Balfour Declaration – on the 2nd November – which built the path for their dispossession, we are demanding justice and equal rights for Palestinians now.

Join us on Saturday 4 November to make it right for Palestine!

Full details HERE

Meeting 12/10/2017: Opposing Academisation

Opposing Academisation – meeting for parents/teachers from 3 schools under imminent threat: Hallsville, Scott Wilkie and Keir Hardie.

Over 50 adults, and a lot of kids, attended the meeting this evening (12/10/2017) at St. Luke’s Community Hall E16. There were teachers from 2 of the schools, staff from all 3 schools and many parents from all 3 schools, chiefly Hallsville. Also, Cllr Rokshana Fayaz whose constituency covers Keir Hardie and Scott Wilkie schools, and who has written opposing academisation.

Report from meeting
Download [▼]

Team Margot: “Giving to help others” campaign

Your attention is drawn to the Team Margot organisation which is conducting an Team Margot campaign to raise awareness of the need for more BAME and mixed-race involvement in bone marrow / stem cell / blood & organ donations.

Team Margot is hosting an invite-only event for philanthropy and education influencers to introduce their visionary primary education programme – ‘Giving to Help Others’. Held at City Hall, this will be followed by the ‘Power of One’ photographic exhibition, in conjunction with City Hall’s Education and Youth team.

Our President Peg Probett has been invited to attend and a report will be available after the event. Continue reading Team Margot: “Giving to help others” campaign

Sign up to lobby your MP

Message from National Education Union:

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School funding is facing its biggest shortfall in a generation. Along with ASCL and NAHT, we have written to your head teacher to update them on the funding campaign and to request their support.

To keep the pressure on, your union is working with other unions to build a national lobby of Parliament on 24 October.

Please talk to your head teacher and members about how your school can support the lobby.

The nation’s schools have had to cope with years of cuts. 88% of schools still face real terms budget cuts per-pupil. School cuts is an issue the Government simply can’t ignore.

We need your help to make this lobby a huge success, and to remind every MP, face to face, that school funding is an issue that won’t go away.

What should you do?

Sign up to lobby your MP. This will email your MP for you. You don’t need to do anything else apart from get to London.

Circulate the lobby sign-up link to members in your school, and encourage them to sign up and spread the word.
Check Schoolcuts for the latest figures on how your school is affected.

We hope to see you in London on the 24 October.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Courtney
Joint General Secretary


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