Retirement Dinner for Peter Smith, NTA Secretary

Peter Smith. Retirement dinner.Colleagues took Peter Smith for dinner to celebrate his retirement after 25 years unbroken service as Secretary of Newham Teachers’ Association / NEU Newham.

Peter Smith. Retirement dinner.

Peter has also served as Secretary to Newham Teachers’ Panel and undertook other roles such as Treasurer during his many years service for Newham’s teachers.

Peter Smith. Retirement dinner.

Our union thanks Peter Smith

At the final Officers meeting of our current association year Peg Probett, president, presented Peter Smith with a decanter set, bottle of whisky, cheque and card on behalf of the membership. This was as a sincere thank you for the 25 years, as divisional secretary, he has dedicated to the support of individual members and to the terms and conditions of the membership as a whole. A membership which has grown steadily to become t h e largest division in London.
He has also received a letter of thanks from the General Secretary, Kevin Courtney and current national president, Louise Regan.
We wish him a long and happy future.