British teachers draw inspiration from Cuban system

The National Union of Teachers has produced a report into the Cuban education system following a recent delegation to the island.

Schoolchildren in Cuba
Schoolchildren in Cuba

“There is another way we can teach, inspire and work with our young people to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their education – it’s just a shame I had to go half way round the world to it see it.” Mari Burton, secondary school history teacher, said after visiting Cuba on the NUT delegation in October half-term.
Read and download the NUT delegation report

School cuts – briefing from NUT

Message from Kevin Courtney to Robin Wales & Quintin Peppiatt
10 March 2017 16:09

Dear Robin and Quintin,

As you know school funding is in crisis. The Government is pushing through ill-thought out plans to introduce a National Funding Formula for schools without putting in the additional funding that is desperately needed. At the same time schools are having to contend with real terms cuts to per-pupil funding, while local authorities suffer from major cuts to the Education Services Grant and other swingeing cuts to town hall budgets.

Attached to this email is important new information about the financial situation of your schools. This information is available through the COLLECT system from the Department for Education. We have permission to share this information because we are not disclosing any pupil census data.

In addition to the data showing the scale of budget cuts over the course of this Parliament, please also find attached information about the funding floor. This has not been available previously and affects 73 schools in Newham.

The best of luck with your efforts to secure additional funds for schools in Newham. If there is anything the NUT can do to support that work please let me know. I have copied in our local NUT secretary.

Yours sincerely,
Kevin Courtney
NUT General Secretary

Council Leaders Briefing – Kevin Courtney
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Newham Cuts Spreadsheet
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The Floor
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NFF Consultation Advice
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DSB Cuts March 2017 Powerpoint
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Response Submitted to Schools National Funding Formula – Stage 2, by Peter Smith, Secretary Newham Teachers’ Association
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Fight the White Paper – Resources

Your Union Needs You.
Your Union Needs You.

The fight against the White Paper is gathering momentum.

Your help is vital.

Hold meetings.

Make use of the resources that will be posted here as they become available. If you have found other resources, share them with us.


We Can Do It.
We Can Do It.

Powerpoint Presentation
(Updated version 11/05/2016
following government
climb down)
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Original version of Powerpoint Presentation
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Leaflet for parents
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Leaflet for Reps
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Leaflet for teachers
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“Education in Crisis” Leaflet A5 B&W 
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Education White Paper - A Threat To Us All. Picture of poster.
Education White Paper – A Threat To Us All.

Education White Paper – A Threat To Us All, A4 Poster. (See left.)
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Model motion re White Paper, for use at meetings
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Government propaganda
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NUT rebuttal of propaganda
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Don’t forget to get signatures for these petitions. Hold a meeting. Get everyone to sign:

Sign the petition to scrap plans to force state schools to become academies.

Sign the petition to hold a public inquiry and a referendum over turning all schools into academies.

Any teachers in your school who are not in the NUT? Ask them to join:

(Published 19/04/2016. Updated 20/04/2016)

Refugee Week Poetry Competition: Book Published


I visited the NUT Newham office where the Division Secretary gave me copies of two booklets that were produced as part of a competition the Division had run in previous years to mark Refugee Week.

I read the poems on the tube later that evening and was astounded by the quality of the poetry and the feelings that were portrayed by the children. I grew up in Belfast during the troubles and could relate to the fear and insecurity that is described.

I congratulate the Division, Newham Schools, the children and their teachers on such a wonderful initiative that allows the voices of the young to be heard so powerfully through the forum of poetry.

Pauline Buchanan NUT London Regional Officer

NUT Benefits – Reminder

Your NTA Secretary, Peter Smith, would like to remind members of some benefits automatically available through NUT membership.

NUT Benefits & Services

All NUT members are covered by group insurance and support services including insurance cover for:

personal accidents


personal property (inc spectacles)

malicious damage to motor vehicles in school or college premises

Please keep your membership details up to date

Members are reminded that to ensure that the NUT has up-to-date information for their home address.

The NTA uses the address list provided by the NUT when members are sent information by post.  Without the correct address we cannot send you newsletters.

Please note that if the NUT or Newham Teachers Association sends out ballot papers you will lose your opportunity to vote if the NUT does not have your current address.