Booming salaries for academy managers

From the NEU Noticeboard:

Booming salaries for academy managers but are they responsible for a school’s “success”?

What is the justification for the stunningly high salaries and pay rises enjoyed by many academy CEOs and managers?

Warwick Mansell’s latest blog picks out some of the highlights from recently filed academy accounts and explores the implications of introducing private sector pay practices into state schools. What sort of perverse incentives could these practices introduce if based on school “performance” and are they justifiable or even sustainable given the funding pressures on schools?

Action to oppose academisation

There are coordinated strikes across Newham today, 22 February, to oppose academisation, plus a lobby of the council on 26 February.

Opposition to outsourcing and privatisation is growing —workers have the power to win.

At Avenue school, strikers held a two-day strike recently, an escalation from previous one-day strikes.

Cumberland School NEU members also held a strike recently.

NEU members are balloting for strikes at Shaftesbury School and Keir Hardie schools in the borough.

Reminder: Newham Save Our NHS AGM 19/02/2018

Yet again the future if the NHS is under threat. Newham’s local campaign needs your thoughts and ideas for shaping our campaigning.

Come along and here a full update from Dr Jackie Applebee a local GP and well known NHS activist.

Monday 19th February 2018
7pm to 8.45pm
St John’s Church, Stratford

Please try and spare the time to support our NHS and our local campaign

With regards
Dr Ron Singer

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The No Coup in Brazil initiative team.

We have received the following statement:

Statement Text: Attempts are continuing to stop the popular former President Lula da Silva from standing in Brazil’s presidential election in October.

Polls show he would be the likely winner, his popularity stemming from his achievements in office where he lifted millions from poverty.

Yet since the removal of Brazil’s elected President Dilma Rousseff in 2016, Lula has been subjected to a concerted campaign against him, where his basic human rights have been breached.

As part of this, President Lula has been subjected to a political prosecution and conviction, ignoring evidence of his innocence, and triggering a crisis of confidence in the rule of law.

The recent appeal verdict is not the end of Lula’s fight and his case is being taken to the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

This is not just about one man but the future of democracy in Brazil. We believe he should he be allowed to stand and the Brazilian people to decide their own future.

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